Run Around the Square – General information for volunteers along the course



  • Review the map below to familiarize yourself with the courses (they are different).
  • Last minute bib and t-shirt pick up begins at 7am. There are bathrooms at WSCC and portable units at the starting line + 5K finish line.
  • Note that the course will close to vehicles by 7:45am on race morning and there are “No Parking” zones marked along the course. If you are volunteering on Saturday morning, allow enough time to navigate the parking challenges. Consider parking in Edgewood and walking over. Also remember that until the 5k is safely through the neighborhood, the roads will remain closed.
  • The 1.5 mile race begins at 8:15 and it ends at LaClair and Overton
  • The 5K begins at 9am and ends in Fern Hollow, Frick Park at the bottom of the Falls Ravine Trail
  • Both races begin near the Environmental Charter School but they each finish somewhere different.
  • Awards for both races are given at the 5K finish line
  • Watch for cars or spectators trying to enter the race course! All residents were notified by letter that driving would not be permitted starting at 7:45am.
  • Help keep runners on the correct course.
  • Cheer on the participants!
  • The race caboose will tell you when to pack up. Come down to the 5K finish line to enjoy the festivities! Be sure and grab a beer and hot dog from one of our Major Ironman sponsors, D’s!


There are paramedics at the finish line. Call 911 if anyone needs emergency assistance!

If you cannot fulfill your volunteer duty you must find your own replacement or contact Beth Lott, volunteer coordinator, ASAP at 412-849-0327. We rely on every volunteer.

Walking directions to 5k finish line from Wilkins School Community Center

  • Exit the WSCC and proceed to Milton St.
  • Right onto Milton St.
  • Left onto W. Hutchinson St.
  • Right onto Lancaster Ave.
  • Continue down the road that leads to Frick Park
  • Right onto Braddock Trail
  • Take the first stairs you encounter on the left and follow the sounds of the festivities!

General questions?  Send an email to [email protected]