Why We Run

Run Around The Square is an annual charity event that raises money to maintain, promote and advance the betterment of the Regent Square community. We run to support our community. The charities supported have included – but are not limited to – the Wilkins School Community Center, the Frick Environmental Center, and the Regent Square Civic Association.

The Wilkins School Community Center

The financial assistance provided by the Run Around the Square has been extremely valuable to the WSCC each and every year. We lease the building and we are responsible for all maintenance and repairs. This year we planned to install new flooring in the main room with the donated monies. We like to use the funds for projects in a public area enjoyed by many. Unfortunately this year we had unexpected major and expensive plumbing issues involving the decomposition of old galvanized pipes in the walls of the center and also the need for a new pressure regulator. We felt very fortunate to have the donation from the Run Around the Square to enable us to make the repairs and fix the water damaged areas.  We also painted the cement flooring in the common areas of the center, a fresh coat was long over due and the flooring looks so clean and fresh. Two years ago the beautiful wall along Braddock Ave was built with funds from the Run Around the Square. The wall is something the public enjoys and it beautifies the neighborhood.

We are grateful to all those who make the Run Around the Square a success. Your success enables our success and we thank you!

Patricia Doody

Director, The Wilkins School Community Center

The Frick Environmental Center

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is very grateful for the funds donated from the “Run Around the Square” race to help support our environmental education programs throughout the year.   In our goal to connect people to nature, these funds have aided our organization to:

  • subsidize public school programs for our school partners, ranging from Kindergarten through High School
  • keep our program fees for summer camps and family programs accessible for all.
  • provide “camperships” for participants in need of financial assistance (camps are offered for children 3 years old through those finishing 7th grade)
  • attain materials and supplies for educational programs and community events, such as our fall “Bump in the Night” program and annual Earth Day celebration
  • purchase trees, shrubs and other herbaceous plants for park restoration and stewardship projects with schools
  • support and train educators in the best practices of environmental education to provide exceptional programs
Lydia Konecky

The Frick Environmental Center

The Regent Square Civic Association